We have been guiding management and investing in emerging healthcare companies since 1990.

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We started initially in 1990 when we acquired two small healthcare, contamination control companies from BTR plc using a ‘shell’ listed company on the London Stock Exchange. The Group was founded and expanded and its name was changed to Bioquell plc. It was sold eventually to Ecolab in 2019 for £141m. 

In 1996 as new leaders of the Ferraris Group plc, a UK listed company, the Group was valued initially at £4m and which grew to a market value of over £70m by 2003. Ferraris was developed and emerged as the principal European cardio-respiratory diagnostic business with operations in the US, UK, Germany, and China.

Since 2003 we have focussed on Venture Capital investments and management consultancy within the med tech industry.

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