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Client Companies


Our Portfolio - Realisations

Imorphics Stryker


Precise, quantified morphology for medical image analysis using novel techniques in applications such as orthopaedic surgery and rheumatoid arthritis treatment. Sold to Stryker Corp - February 2016.

Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging


MRI & CT diagnostic imaging for companion animal and equine veterinarians. Sold to August Equity - December 2018

Crystallon (Oxford Cryosystems)

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 10.24.17.png

Leaders in cryostats and software supplying the world's X ray diffraction industry. Sold to Judges Scientific plc - July 2017

GE Monica Healthcare

GE Monica Healthcare supplies patented innovative wearable foetal monitoring devices that use wireless technologies to facilitate globally accessible obstetric services in the hospital and the home. Sold to GE Healthcare - March 2017.

Our Portfolio - Current

Manchester Imaging Ltd 

manchester imaging .png

Leaders in dental caries diagnosis using A.I image analysis on dental x-rays.


Invested since 2018

Surface Transforms plc

Surface Transforms .png

Leaders in carbon ceramic brake systems for the global automotive and aircraft industries.


Invested since 2004


Metrasens Ltd


Ferromagnetic detection systems: applications in the medical MRI industry and for detecting ferromagnetic devices in the global security industry.


Invested since 2010.

Michelson Diagnostics Ltd


Patented non-invasive OCT laser diagnosis of skin cancer and OCT image guidance both for Aesthetic Laser Treatment of skin cancer and for margin mapping during MOHS micro surgery of skin cancer tumours.


Invested since 2017


Micrima Ltd

Micrima Logo.png

Non invasive RF imaging for screening and diagnosis for breast cancer. Clear potential of addressing and disrupting the global X Ray mammography market.

To view the Micrima site click here

Invested since 2021

micrima website photo .png
- Kevin D'Silva, Founder
“We have been guiding management and investing in emerging healthcare companies since 1990.”  
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